We are pleased to announce that from January 2024, Australian Centre for Career Education has become the reseller for Morrisby in Australia!
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Morrisby Profile

Find your true career direction using scientific profiling of abilities and personality coupled with psychometric assessments of career interests, work preferences and attitudes to employment.
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Build a profile around strengths & ambitions

Through timed aptitude assessments and multiple choice questionnaires, a Profile is prepared, offering fascinating insight into a person’s inner strengths and abilities, preferences, motivations, and personality.

Raise aspirations & promote excellence

Explore opportunities using the ‘What-If’ tool which allows students to change qualification levels to see what new careers and subjects become available.

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Morrisby AU options at 16/17

Reach destinations with lifetime support

Lifetime access to their own Morrisby account with the opportunity to re-complete all the assessments to ensure that the Morrisby Profile is always current.

Encourage exploration of opportunities

Career and further study suggestions are provided, drawing from a database of over 800 different careers and 400 study options.

Morrisby dashboard

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