We are pleased to announce that from January 2024, Australian Centre for Careers Education has become the partner for Morrisby in Australia and New Zealand!
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Morrisby careers library

A comprehensive careers system

The Morrisby Profile aides career exploration and decision-making. Over 50 years, Morrisby has supported many millions of individuals from students to experienced professionals seeking new opportunities. The service is constantly updated to always reflect the current education and employment situations.

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What to expect from Morrisby Profile

You’ll be assigned an adviser who’ll be a point of contact throughout your Morrisby journey. They’ll agree the type, level and cost of the service to be provided and give you personal access to the Morrisby website. Here you will complete a range of compulsoty assessments, with an optional session for additional exploration.

The heart of Morrisby Profile

Aptitude tests are coupled with psychometric questionnaires to provide a comprehensive picture of your make-up. The Morrisby analysis engine has been refined over decades to consider hundreds of metrics in order to suggest the career destinations and pathways most closely associated with your unique profile.

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Your dedicated Careers Practitioners

Your careers practitioner will have access to all your results and other provided information. Once that is complete, they will arrange a careers guidance session to run through your outcomes and discuss pathways forwards.

Start your career journey

While your assessments are completed entirely online, Careers Advisers offer flexible modes of delivery for your careers interview. Costs will vary according to the particular service you require so discuss your requirements and expectations with potential counsellors before making a booking.

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How it works


Aptitude Tests

5 assessments to measure your abilities, interests, work-style preferences, personality and other areas as relevant.

Careers Guidance Session

Your counsellor will discuss your assessment outcomes and assess future directions to help you discover the best pathway for yourself.

Continued Resource

Over time, motivations and careers evolve. Your login-for-life, lets you can access the website, review choices and retake assessments and anytime.

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Who is the Morrisby Pass suitable for?

Our career change clients come from a variety of different professional backgrounds and experience. You might be a full-time parent returning to work, or perhaps you are looking for a change and need help finding the right career. Our impartial decision making service can guide you in choosing the right path for your future.

What’s included?

When you purchase a Morrisby Pass, you will receive access to all the Morrisby assessments plus a 60-minute careers interview via Zoom, Skype or telephone to receive guidance from one of our professional careers advisers. From our experience, we understand the value in career changers discussing their results, career journey to date, challenges/obstacles and thoughts with a careers professional. You will also receive a ‘login for life’ allowing you to access your account and our careers advisers (by email) for as long as you need to.

Contact us to book in your 60-minute careers interview when you have completed the assessments by emailing support@morrisby.com

What aspects of my experience will be taken into account?

Our career changers come to us with a wide variety of experiences, professional and work based qualifications, priorities and circumstances. Our interactive app assesses your aptitudes, aspirations, personality and priorities through the use of psychometric tests and assessments, and makes career and education suggestions based on these. The interview with your careers adviser is the most valuable forum for discussing how your professional and work based qualifications, skills and experience may impact your future career, and contribute towards your strong profile in the jobs market. The role of the adviser is to bring together all elements to help you move forward with your career decisions.

How long do the assessments take?

It takes about 1 hour 40 minutes to complete all of the assessments, but they do not have to be taken in one session.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a Morrisby Pass is £120 inc VAT.

Do I need to revise?

It is not possible to revise for these assessments but you will find practice questions at the start of every section as you work your way through the assessments.

When do I get the results?

Results are immediate and are available in your online account as soon as you have completed the last assessment.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Career and educational information within the service is predominantly UK based. Clients from outside the UK will need to interpret and adapt recommendations and information to their own local culture and conditions. To get the most out of our assessments, you need to be fluent in English, and able to complete assessments presented visually on screen.

Still got a question? Get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.